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If you would like to apply for a pitch for the Farndale Show please read the following information carefully.

The Farndale show typically sees a gate footfall of around 3,000 people depending primarily on the weather.

We offer four types of pitches for market traders. All pitches including the craft tent are situated in the 2nd Show field near the horse ring. There is no electricity or running water for any pitch.
Quiet generators may be allowed. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Our definition of Street food is any food or drink that is sold with the intention of it being consumed on the day.

In our aim to be more environmentally aware we ask that packaging be re-usable, recyclable or biodegradable where possible.

  • Standard Outdoor Open Space Pitch. (not including Street food).
    For this pitch YOU will need to bring your own stall / tent / gazebo and tables etc, Your pitch will be no greater than 3m x 3m, but will include space to park your car/van behind. PRICE £20.
  • Standard Outdoor Open Space Pitch. (Street food).
    For this pitch YOU will need to bring your own stall / tent / gazebo and tables etc.
    Your pitch will be no greater than 3m x 3m, but will include space to park your car/van behind. PRICE £50.
  • Larger Outdoor Open Space Pitch.
    Please contact us to discuss your dimensions and the vehicle(s) you would like to bring and we will be happy to advise you on a price. For guidance, our largest stands pay approx. £60. You will still need to bring your own stall/tent/gazebo and
  • Craft Tent.
    If yours is a craft stall you can apply for a space in our small craft tent. You will still need to bring your own table and chair. The maximum size is 2m x 2m INCLUDING the space immediately behind your table for your chair and storage. You will be able to park your car/van nearby. PRICE £25.

    All stall holders will need to have appropriate public liability insurance currently to £5 million.
    You will not be able to trade if you do not have the relevant insurance in place.

What happens next?
Please download the application form here and return no later than the 30th June. Successful applicants will receive confirmation six weeks before show day. Once you have received confirmation of your successful application you must return all relevant forms and your pitch fee two weeks before show day. If your forms are not received by this date your pitch may be given
to another stall holder on the waiting list.
If your documents are due for renewal between these dates please send us a copy of your current insurance documents and email your renewal when you receive it.

Stand staffing –  Our normal expectation is that stands are staffed by a maximum of two people. If you wish to bring extra staff please discuss your requirements with us before arrival otherwise we reserve the right to charge admission for more than 2 stand staff.

Please remember the Farndale Show takes place on a bank holiday Monday.
You will not be permitted to trade if you do not have the relevant insurance in place.

STALL APPLICATION FORM - Please include an up to date Risk Assessment with your application form. Applications to be submitted no later than 30th June.

Farndale Show – Trade stands Terms and Conditions

1. General
1.1 All traders attend only by invitation of Farndale Show Society or its designated Organiser’s. This invitation may be withdrawn at any time.
1.2 Stalls/pitches are non-transferable.
1.3 The locations of stalls/pitches are decided by the Committee/Organisers. At no time does acceptance of a Trader’s application bestow any rights or expectation that a stall will be in a particular position.
1.4 Decisions taken by the Organisers are final with regard to formation and layout.
1.5 Traders who cancel within 14 days of the Show will be liable for the full cost of the stall.
1.6 Access to the Show field will be provided from 8.00am.
1.7 Traders must have arrived on site by 9.00am and be set up and ready to trade by 9.30am. Traders who arrive after trading has started will not be allowed to stand. There will be no refund of the stall fee. Traders are required to stay for the full duration of the Show and may only begin packing up after 4pm.
1.8 Traders and those attending their stall must be clean and tidy, and stalls must be kept tidy at all times.
1.9 The Organisers reserve the right to cancel the Farndale Show at short notice.
1.10 Refunds WILL BE GIVEN if the Show is cancelled for reasons beyond the Organisers’ control.
1.11 Traders who do not turn up on Show day are not entitled to a refund and may jeopardise their applications to trade at future events.
1.12 All Traders’ rubbish and recycling must be taken with them at the end of the event. Failure to do so may put in jeopardy your acceptance to trade at future events.
1.13 Traders must only sell what is stated on their application form. Additional products or items will only be accepted if approved in advance by The Organisers. The Organisers reserve the right to remove any items displayed for sale which have not been approved in advance.
1.14 Traders selling illegal, counterfeit or inappropriate goods will be asked to leave the Show field and reported to Trading Standards.
1.15 Only quiet GENERATORS are allowed on site at any time and these must be agreed by the Organisers in advance.
1.16 Antisocial, offensive or inappropriate behaviour by a trader or other members of their staff will result in instant dismissal from the Show field.
1.17 The Organisers reserve the right to cancel this agreement at any time by giving notice in writing to any Trader who is deemed to have infringed any of these terms and conditions.
2. Public Liability Insurance
2.1 Traders are responsible for the insurance of their own property and must have current Public Liability Insurance to the minimum value of £5 million at the time of the Show.
2.2 Traders must submit photocopies of their insurance cover with the application form and have originals with them for inspection at the time of the Show.
2.3 Traders or agents shall not hold the Organisers responsible for any loss, damage, theft or destruction of any exhibit, goods, property or equipment.
3. Health and Safety
3.1 All stalls must meet Health & Safety Standards in line with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.
3.2 All stalls must provide a full risk assessment to the relevant persons prior to show day.
3.3 All food vendors must be registered as food premises with their Local Authority.
3.4 Stalls may be inspected by Environmental Health, Trading Standards Officers or any other professional body.
3.5 Traders selling food must provide all relevant food hygiene and safety certificates and proof of the appropriate licence to trade in advance of the Show, as well as make them available for inspection on the day.
3.6 Each trader is responsible and accountable for compliance with all relevant trading standards legislation and agrees that their details may be passed on. This includes the clear marking of all prices.
3.7 Each trader must ensure that all goods sold are compliant with all relevant labelling and health and safety regulations and legislation, and agrees that their details may be passed on.
3.8 Food producers agree to be visited at their site of production by the Organisers or an independent agent appointed by the Organisers.
3.9 Traders who use powered appliances must supply the relevant safety certificates as well as fire extinguishers and adequate barriers around the powered equipment. Stallholders using gas cylinders are expected to provide suitable storage facilities. All cylinders must be installed prior to the opening of the event and must not be transported during the event.

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