National Park Landscape Tree Scheme – Free Trees For Landowners

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National Park Landscape Tree Scheme – Free Trees For Landowners

The North York Moors National Park Authority have a Rural Recovery Fund this year to help assist with some of the local consequences of COVID-19. This now includes a Landscape Tree Scheme, where land managers can have individual field and hedgerow trees planted on their land for free, as part of a ‘green recovery’ engaging local contractors and tree nurseries. The scheme is aimed at planting the veteran trees of the future, and actively encouraging more tree planting at a time when we are witnessing the loss of many of our ash trees due to wide spread ash die-back, including in non-woodland locations.

We are looking for anyone who might want a minimum of 10 (it can be more) individually protected standard trees planted on their land this coming winter. The National Park Authority would pay for the work to be done in full and directly, which would include following up with 3 years of maintenance. The tree locations would be agreed upon after a site visit, and via a simple exchange of letters. The species planted would be tailored to the landscape.

The fund is easily accessible. Please apply by sending in a map of where you would like the trees to be planted, alongside as much detail as possible regarding the location and any other queries to our Woodland Creation Assistant, Sam Newton at . You can alternatively send a map and contact details via post to the National Park Authority at the Old Vicarage, Bondgate, Helmsley, York, YO62 5BP; or leave a message at the National Park Office by phoning 01439 772700 and Sam will ring you back.

Woodland creation

The Landscape Tree Scheme is intended for individual field and hedgerow trees and so anyone interested in woodland planting of over 1 hectare could instead consider the Authority’s Woodland Creation Grant Scheme, for more info see our web page. If you might be interested contact the Authority’s Woodland Creation Officer Alasdair Fagan via email at or by phone on 01439 772700. The initiative has already led to the creation of over 80 hectares of woodland and wood pasture since 2017, which is equivalent to over 80,000 trees planted.